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June didn’t appear promising as Ada had thought it would. When she penned her three most important goals for the month two days before the month reeled in with rain, she closed her journal and tucked it under her fluffy pillow.

She dreamed of the hills and sand. The sky above was clear yet spotted with patches of blue. Her feet printed in the sand as her lover, Nonso ran after her. Breathing heavily, she let her slim frame fall to the ground. Sand covered her arms and legs. He leaned over her. “You’re beautiful”.

“You are an amazing case study.” She grabbed his shirt.

“Really? So you knew?”

“Who wouldn’t love a man like you?” She glanced at him, stirring his heart.

He leaned close and fell on her neck.
Ada flung her face away as the scent of sand brushed against her nose. The wind blew and she shut her eyes. Nonso withdrew from her. She made to run after him but tripped and fell.

Ada’s phone rang jolting her out of dreamland. Her sister was calling. “There’s been an emergency. “ Chika sounded frightened.

Ada asked where, how and when. Nonso had been hit by a driver and abandoned to exit this world in his pool of blood. Ada grieved. She had loved him before he asked her out on her 25th birthday. She acted indifferent but gave in when she noticed Nadia, her neighbour spending time with him under the guise of tutorials.


A week after Nonso’s body was lowered into mother earth; Ada resumed her 8 to 5 job as a receptionist. She read on the official WhatsApp group chat about a training to be held in Kano state. Sometime away from Kogi would numb her memory of the man she loved.

Ada arrived Bristol Palace Hotel before nightfall. For most part of the journey, she slept and dreamt of Nonso read her favourite poem. When she got into her hotel room, she dumped herself on the king-sized bed. She studied the walls. They were free from the cracks that lodged in her heart. She wiped a tear beginning to fill her dark small eyes.

A couple of hours later, Ada left the bed when she found her strength. Trotting to the swimming pool, she saw people laughing and swimming. When she looked left, she saw four ladies talking in whispers and laughing. She knew neither of them. Who would she mingle with? She left town without her colleagues, Charity, Emeka and Stephen. Finding a seat at the right corner, she eased into it. A waiter brought a bottle of coke and a glass.

“Do you mind if I sit with you?”

Ada studied him. He looked like Nonso- tall, dark and of course handsome. He looked cool in his red T-shirt, blue jeans and red snickers.

“Yes, you can”. She put her glass down on the table. She liked what she saw. A year and six months later, they tied the knot.

PS: This blog post entry is sequel to Writing Challenge which is to publish a 200 – 500 fictional story about any hotel listed on


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