The Cure For Perfectionism

Perfectionism sets excessively high standards primarily for yourself and then for others. Across lands, continents and seas there are perfectionists. And critically speaking, perfectionism is an illness requiring immediate cure. Before I tell you the cure, let’s see 2 definitions of perfectionism: • Perfectionism, in psychology is a personality trait characterized by a person’s striving … Continue reading The Cure For Perfectionism

A Poem for 2018

To start with, I’d love to congratulate the men on their International Men’s Day Celebration which held yesterday. I have heard countless times that being a man is not a day’s job. That’s hilarious but from the reins of my feminine heart, I celebrate every man reading this. Let me ask you a question. How … Continue reading A Poem for 2018

What Do You Want?

Brings me to ask certain veritable questions, often raised about life’s issues, “Why can’t we get what we want? Must we always experience an emotional trauma? When will we achieve our dreams? When will love find us? When will we hit it big? Undoubtedly, we envisaged a life void of strain, penury and affliction. Life … Continue reading What Do You Want?