What To Do When Experience Is Not Your Advantage

Maria couldn’t stop trembling. Her eyes smarted with tears that flowed uncontrollably. She adjusted herself countless times on the sofa. Her thoughts raced in different directions. She bowed her head as she felt hurt rising within her. Earlier that day, shortly after her morning chores, she had gone to see her best friend, Elizabeth. Fortunately, … More What To Do When Experience Is Not Your Advantage


I watched Acrimony for the second time, yesterday. It still held me emotionally captive as it did the first time I saw it. The movie is really a spectacular psychological thriller. It messed my emotions up as I strove to sort my thoughts against the original intent of the producer and director, Tyler Perry. At … More Acrimony

The Transcendent Life

When trials tell you it’s impossible Faith will say it is possible When the past says you’re not good enough The blood of Christ should remind you of your worth When you feel unwanted The Holy Spirit will assure you of a Forever Lover in Him When your boat is sinking Scriptures say even deep … More The Transcendent Life

Reasons You Don’t Have To Prove a Point

Lately, I’ve been following a page on Instagram named Lifeimpact_blog. It’s a platform where you are motivated, inspired and intellectually stretched. Yeah, financial incentives are given. I won N2000 few weeks ago. Last night, N5000 was transferred to my account which I shared with my girlfriend as instructed. For me, the page has really stretched … More Reasons You Don’t Have To Prove a Point