New? Old?


You’ve been around in this spinning globe maybe for one, two or more decades.

And you’ve wondered what juices life has in store for you after the hay and rain.

You didn’t sign up for any of the sour dishes life shoved towards your nose.

Though a Christian, you couldn’t add up the numbers. Your faith was under fire and your hope was threatened. Depression was a constant reminder of your failures.

Right now, your mind may even be cluttered with sincere unanswered questions as to the intent of God regarding your pain.

If suicide was the best way out of life’s mess, you could have opted for that but you are held back by a wave of hope.

You believe there’s hope for a living dog than a dead lion.

What else could you do besides rehashing the quote by a nameless author?- Life just happens.

I’m glad you know better.

You know your background has no right to put your back on the ground.

You are intentional about life. And you’ll fight a good fight of faith to birth pearls from lemons.

Faith’sPen is for intentional people.

Faith’sPen is for you.

You even got it right. At Faith’sPen, we open a door of hope and expectation.

We give scriptural answers to every question in your heart. These answers have root in the Wisdom of God.

We transform the complicated into simple truths for your healthy growth. We help you see God’s light in the midst of darkness. We help you move mountains with the faith of the Son of God who loved you and gave Himself for you (Galatians 2:20b).

Here, you will find invaluable life insights to life’s challenges.


Origin of Faith’sPen

Faith Okpoyo is the Founder and CEO of Faith’sPen, which she started in 2017 as a way to cheer, encourage and give hope to depressed, broken, suicidal and hurting people.

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