Sunshine Blogger Award

Good news… While I moaned in my head over less engagement on my blog posts, God had a plan behind the scene. A scenario I didn’t imagine occurred. Light broke forth, untying the bands of discouragement holding me bound. God moved a blogger to nominate me for the Sunshine Blogger Award. In fact, when I… Continue reading Sunshine Blogger Award



Copyright ©Faith'sPen 2017 June didn’t appear promising as Ada had thought it would. When she penned her three most important goals for the month two days before the month reeled in with rain, she closed her journal and tucked it under her fluffy pillow. She dreamed of the hills and sand. The sky above was… Continue reading LOVE AT BRISTOL PALACE HOTEL


A Peek Into My Private Journal

To begin with, I want to appreciate every one of you who read and left me a comment on my previous post. It was really encouraging. Well, if you are yet to read it, just click here and my story of how I battled with oppression and depression will be before your eyes. Today I… Continue reading A Peek Into My Private Journal