My Landlord and I #8

CLICK HERE TO READ EPISODE 7 It was two days to my birthday. My friends had set the stage rolling. Elated by the grand plans, I felt loved seeing them sacrifice time, energy, and finances to make me happy. I was dressed in one of my best outfits, sprayed a perfume, and laced the wear … Continue reading My Landlord and I #8

My Landlord and I #7

CLICK HERE TO READ EPISODE 6 If Alhaji was not a retired clearing and forwarding agent, he would probably have been a military man. He survived the incident like a soldier on the battlefield. My landlord is a cat with nine lives.  Alhaji returned home and became relatively quiet. I was one of the few people who understood … Continue reading My Landlord and I #7

My Landlord and I #4

CLICK HERE TO READ EPISODE 3I returned to my flat and reflected on Alhaji Alowonle's statement about me making a good son-in-law. To whom? Was he matchmaking his daughter and I? Did he really mean those words? How could he be certain a Christian would want to settle with the daughter of a popular Alhaji?Hunger came knocking. I cooked noodles, … Continue reading My Landlord and I #4