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A Short Story: Debby’s Husband

Image from Two years ago, I was overjoyed when I logged into Facebook and saw Debby’s pre-wedding shots. Finally, she was getting married to the man who had swept her off her feet. Quickly, I grabbed my phone and dialled her number. After two rings, she answered. ‘Margaret, how are you doing? This one… Continue reading A Short Story: Debby’s Husband

Fiction, short stories

Flash Fiction: Painful Love

Mariam's mind was on the man who resided in the other part of town. She still heard his emotion- choked voice in her head. 'You are the one I want, Mariam. I'm not leaving here without a response.' She tried to speak but the words didn't come. She lowered her eyes so he wouldn't see… Continue reading Flash Fiction: Painful Love

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BOOK REVIEW: The House Girl Written by Ufuomaee

Lately, I’ve returned to reading fiction. I stopped earlier, because of my enormous workload. So one of the books I read is Ufuomaee’s The House Girl, which I will review in today’s blog post. It blew my mind away, for good, though. By the way, happy Friday! (Hugs) And back to this post’s business… The… Continue reading BOOK REVIEW: The House Girl Written by Ufuomaee