Selfish Ambition- Episode 4

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Too weeks later.

Margaret worked so much on her imagination. What’s happening? Why isn’t he responding to my calls? What’s that cold feeling in his voice even when we manage to speak? Am I losing him? She shuddered. The Prophet prayed on my behalf.

Thankfully, she was distracted by the children. They needed this. They needed that; or they bombarded her with unending questions. Ernest’s birthday was drawing near.

Every night as she laid on the lonely bed, her mind flew across Lagos skies to Calabar. Was he stuck with work? How was he coping with feeding? House chores? Or was he in the arms of another woman? She cursed herself for incubating such thought. Greg was a noble man. He would never cheat on her. He loved God. He loved her.

But something was wrong. She knew it, yet could not tell what it was. Call it the feminine intuition. His calls and chats became less frequent. She concluded he had a lot of task to attend to.

One sunny afternoon, Mfon visited her home. “The Prophet is dead o.”

“Eh! Tell me it’s a lie.” Her eyes bulged.

“I’m serious. I went for prayers o, only for his personal assistant to break the news. Maggi, I’m still in shock.”

“Then I am finished.” Margaret threw her hands in the air and down.

“What’s that about?”

“My husband. I can’t reach him. Why did the Prophet die now eh?”

“I don’t know o. But have you tried visiting your husband?”


“Shoo. Dey here make pant dey wear you. I’m not saying he’s having an affair but you can’t rule the possibility.” Mfon pulled her ear.

“Hold it there abeg. My husband is spiritual. He wouldn’t even look at a lady twice.”

Mfon laughed loud. “Really? So you knew, yet you saw a Prophet and even paid for prayers you could not pray. Spiritual my foot.” She rolled her eyes.

Margaret didn’t find it funny. “Do you know what it feels like being married to the Regional Manager of Zenith bank?”

“And how has the position allayed you of your fears? Mbok, go get a job.”

Margaret flared. “That’s enough. Leave my house this minute!”

Mfon rose up and scanned around. “Your house, ke. If only Greg knew his wealth was all you were after.”

“At least, I bear his name and I am the mother of his children. What about you? You do shady deals with men young enough to be your brothers. Who would want to end up with a woman like you?” Margaret’s voice started to rise.

Mfon picked up the handbag she kept on the floor. Looking at Margaret who already had her hands on her waist, she hung it over her shoulder and made a backward glance.

Margaret felt sorry but it was to late to retract her speech. Mfon didn’t deserve the words she spewed. Mfon was a friend who could lay down her life as long as it was a just course. She opened her mouth but something stopped her voice from coming out. Call it pride.

Mfon met Prisca and Ernest playing in the compound with other children. She tried to walk fast so they wouldn’t see her shiny eyes.

Ernest ran after her. “Aunty, you promised to bring something for us the last time you came.”

Mfon bent down and rubbed his head. He looked just like his father. Her heart ached for a son of her own. If only Margaret had an idea about…. “Next time, Darling.”

It was Margaret’s voice that interrupted them. She tapped the boy on his shoulder and walked on. When she got to the main road, she flagged down a tricycle, and slid into it. Hot tears dropped.

Episode 5 comes up next week Wednesday.

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