Selfish Ambition -Episode 3

Hello, if you missed episode 2, click here

Greg arrived Calabar on Sunday. That week bustled with a lot of activities. With the help of a colleague, Bichie, he rented an apartment, furnished it and made himself comfortable.

He arrived early to work and didn’t leave until he accomplished every day’s task.

Though excited, he was in a rather highly strung nervous state. New faces. New job description. New environment. New lifestyle.

Nothing stole his attention as soon as he set his face to the monitor of his PC. When he wasn’t working, he would chat with Margaret who did not hesitate to send him pictures of Prisca and Ernest. How he missed them. He thought of bringing them over, soon.

That weekend, he visited Bichie out of boredom. It pleased him that the faces he saw were familiar. A party was thrown in honour of Bichie’s fiancee, Jennifer. He found a spot and sat down. Three men joined him.

“You are welcome, Sir”.

“Asuquo, Kenneth and-”


” Yes, good evening. Where’s Bichie?”

“He’ll be here in a moment.”

They took their places to his right and left.

While they talked, food was served. The door opened and closed. A wild cat on heels clad in white jumpsuit, revealing her tempting figure eight strolled in. Greg thought she was Diana, the goddess. Her steps held the men spell bound, her hair swaying left right as she walked. She was not the celebrant.

Studying her face, her recognized her. Ekemini, the lady who sold food at the canteen opposite the bank. What a beauty, he smirked lips.

He scanned her body in a flash until she took a seat beside Trim.

Smart Trim caught the lustful look in Greg’s eyes. “Have you two met?”

Ekemini raked her hair backwards before tilting her neck.

“No!” She blinked her eyes so Greg would notice her false lashes. Isn’t he cute?

“I’m Greg”. He put out a hand.

Trim leaned back. Ekemini took Greg’s hand, squeezing it softly before letting go. ” I’m Ekemini “.

They chattered over bottles of alcohol until the time struck 10pm. At first, Greg declined at the suggestion to take liquor, but after much persuasion, he gave in. Didn’t Apostle Paul instruct Timothy to take a little wine for his stomach’s sake?

By the time Greg returned home, it was 10:30pm. He fell onto the bed feeling like someone floating in the air. The upbeat Science Student by Olamide to which he danced the almighty Shaku Shaku steps with Ekemini still blared in his head. He wouldn’t have returned if Margaret’s call had not spoiled his fun.

Even when he closed his eyes, Ekemini’s enchanting figure burned vividly in his frantic mind. The manner she rolled her waist, hopped on her feet and placed her wrists together revealed she was a good dancer, if not better than Margaret. No! No! That’s unfair. How can you compare the Queen of your dynasty to a stranger?

He tossed the thought aside. I didn’t make love to her. We just danced. Excuses whirled around in his head until he fell asleep.

Episode 4 comes up next Wednesday.

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