New Wine

The past few days have been pretty unexciting for me. The flare, ecstasy and joy I anticipated I would begin the year with fled on long legs. Basically I felt I wasn’t doing enough. I wasn’t reading enough. I wasn’t writing enough. I felt I functioned below my full capacity even at the beginning of … Continue reading New Wine

Who You Say I Am

Broken! Shattered! Confused! Hurting! Rejected! Broke! Lonely! Tired! Unwell! Depressed! Unloved! Suicidal! These unpleasant and undesirable words define someone at the moment. Probably, one or more on the list define you. And you are chiseled and conformed into reality’s myopic and disillusioned mould. These false conceptions are built overtime by negative thought patterns streaming from … Continue reading Who You Say I Am