My Landlord and I #4


I returned to my flat and reflected on Alhaji Alowonle’s statement about me making a good son-in-law. To whom? Was he matchmaking his daughter and I? Did he really mean those words? How could he be certain a Christian would want to settle with the daughter of a popular Alhaji?

Hunger came knocking. I cooked noodles, ate in seconds, and fell asleep.  Amina and I walked into a Domino’s pizza shop.  I put some spoons of ice cream into her mouth. She didn’t resist.

Hours later, we went into a boutique for shopping. After picking her choice of wears, I offered my debit card but she insisted on paying with her card. When I ordered an UBER taxi to take us home, my phone rang. I awakened. What a Domino effect!

It was my landlord’s daughter. I didn’t answer the call.  I wondered if anyone was messing with my mind. How could I connect the dots? I picked when the phone rang the second time. Amina was at my door to deliver the clothes she had picked from the line because it was about to rain. I thanked her, collected my clothes, and returned to the sofa.

I brainstormed till I invented a plan. I had to tell my landlord our religions would hamper the relationship he was trying to create. I am a Christian, though, not a devoted one. Amina had a different story. She followed the doctrines of the Muslim faithful. 

Imagine my surprise when Alhaji Alowonle didn’t discuss the matter with me again. Instead, we talked about random topical issues.

The following week, Amina called one cool evening. She said she needed to discuss something with me.  I told her I was available. A bottle of wine stood in front of me while awaiting her arrival. When she knocked, I reached for the door, turned the handle open,  and welcomed her. When she had made herself comfortable, I placed a glass cup in her hand and poured some wine in it.

Amina teased me. ‘You are handsome.  You leave me wondering why a lady is yet to visit you. Do you have a life besides work and being indoor?’

I swallowed.

Amina didn’t budge. ‘How about introducing  one of my pretty friends to you?’

I paused before speaking. ‘I appreciate your concern but I think I am happy with my life at the moment.’

‘I am so sorry for intruding your privacy.’ Amina’s countenance revealed something about my tone was off.

Wanting to salvage the situation, I told her not to be sorry and should wish me well.

‘I have a request to make, please.’

‘Please go ahead.’

‘Promise you won’t say no’.

‘That’s difficult but I will try.’

‘Okay, this is it. I have a boyfriend. Alhaji monitors my movement and does not allow me to go out. I want my boyfriend to visit you and I will tell Alhaji I want to see you.’

‘How often will that be?’

‘Twice a month. He does not go to work during the weekends.’

‘I’ll think about this because I do not want your father to distrust me.’

‘I’m aware Alhaji wants you and I together, but he doesn’t know I am dating someone.’ She pinned her eyes on the cup in her hand.

‘How did you know Alhaji wants us together?’

‘I heard the discussion some weeks ago while cooking. I’m not your spec. I think it’s the reason you have not asked me out.’

‘You must be kidding. Is that what you think?’

Amina didn’t answer.

‘You are beautiful. This isn’t about you being my spec or not. I am just not ready for a relationship. Also, your religion and mine will not help in the long run.’

‘I respect your decision.’ She lifted her charming dark eyes.

‘Thanks for understanding.’

‘I have to go now to help with cooking. When will I hear from you, sir?’

‘Pretty soon.’ I said smiling, hoping to make her feel comfortable.

‘Thank you and bye for now.’

I opened the door, pulled the curtain aside, and waved at her as she walked out of my apartment. I returned to the window and glanced at her behind until she turned left into stairs leading to her apartment. Amina was pretty to behold, an arranged set of teeth, and an oblong face. Her forehead, cheeks, and jawline were approximately the same with a slight curve. But my hands were tied.

Thereafter, I called my friend.

‘Big man, how you dey?’ James’ voice was clear.

‘Which big man?’

‘We look up to you, bro.’

‘Uhmm, I am worried.’

‘I hope all is well.’

‘It’s my landlord, his daughter, and her funny request.’

‘That’s a combo.’

‘A combo?’

‘A poor boy is about to be spoilt by his landlord and his daughter.’

‘No, be small matter o.’

‘I envy you.’

‘Don’t! My landlord and his daughter

‘What about them?’

‘Didn’t I tell you the old man was trying to matchmake his daughter and I?’

‘That? You are hot.’

‘James, can you be serious for once?’

‘I am serious.’

 ‘I am confused right now.’ I said, scratching my head.

‘How about we talk about this where we can relax, plan, and map out strategies?’

‘Are you suggesting a bar?’

‘Yes, or what do you think?’

‘That’s not a bad idea.’

‘Catch you at 4 pm tomorrow at our regular rendezvous.’

‘Thank you for your time.’

‘Later, bro.’

What do you think James would suggest to Femi?

Do you think Amina is right to request such from Femi?

See you on Friday for Episode 5.

Thanks for reading.

©Awopega Theophilus 

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