I Choose Not To Give Up

Why does life treat me this way

Sending torrents of pain into my embittered soul

Unleashing sparks of uncertainty on my lane

The coils of disaster parade itself elegantly

Sending my hormones into an overdrive

The ground on which I walk mimics rock

Whatsoever my hands find to do fails

The promotion at the office eluded me

Like a patient in a quarantined facility

This is too much to bear

God has failed to smile on me

Pressing issues call for financial attention

Help comes from nowhere

I’m stuck in a den of debt

Why has God forsaken me

Even my love story has ended tragically

Troubling issues stole him away

I lost a friend, a lover, and a companion

How do I move on without him

Where did I get it wrong

But with the dawn of day

I see the sky spread in endless might

The sun still rises in the East and sets in the west

I acknowledge my Redeemer is near

So my heart drinks hope with this knowledge

My life isn’t over

The sun will shine again in strength after the rain

Darkness has been swallowed up by light

Death has been conquered by divine life

My change is now

Though I walk through the valley of thorns

My confidence in God’s mercy will not be shaken

I choose not to give up or give in

This, too, shall pass

I choose not to give up

An affluent future awaits my arrival

I will preserve posterity on the earth

Suicidal thoughts are far from me

I choose not to give up

For God can be trusted

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