Flash Fiction: Trust Without Borders

One evening, Sandra settled down, picked up her brown, leather journal and penned:

I trusted You when Moses said he couldn’t live a day without me.

I trusted You when I caught him in bed with my best friend.

I still trusted You when he left me for my cousin.

I trusted You when Luke became the wind beneath my wings.

I trusted You when three days to our wedding day, he was crushed by a truck.

I still trusted You when his new abode became a white casket.

I trusted You when You were silent to my cries.

I trusted You when You failed to explain the reason I suffer.

I believe this pain will pass. But if it doesn’t, I’ll still trust You because You love me. In spite of my pain, I still love You, God.

Discussion Questions

#1. Have you ever been mad at God?

#2. How did you handle the hurt?

See you in the comment section.

4 thoughts on “Flash Fiction: Trust Without Borders

  1. Nice pieces 👍

    Yes, we all have been down there severally. I’m always asking, ” God, am I the only person who has sin against you that my punishment is this great?”

    I’m recovering through “counting my blessings”; that way, I know it is a phrase and as a matter of fact, no one on earth is actually free of any pain or worry. That’s is a sort of relief 😁

    Living one day at a time and relying on God by counting His numberous blessings has been the way to go.

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    1. Life isn’t a bed of roses to everyone. I’m glad that in everything, you’ve found a way to count your blessings.

      God is the reason things haven’t gone sour.

      Be strong, girl.

      Thanks for engaging.


  2. Yes of course, I’ve been made at him severally and question his silence and his sovereign rule. So many times I feel He was just being unfair but faith kept me going. Faith didn’t allow me loose the reins, faith kept my spirit soul and body together. Faith that He and He alone is the master planner and knows why I have to go through so much before he intervenes. And I’m glad I have Faith because life would have been a desert with no direction for me.

    Thank you so much for sharing this with us. I love it, it helped me reflect back on my life and to appreciate God because He keeps stepping in for me. Always! We love you and we appreciate this.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I believe God is still sovereign even when life doesn’t make sense.

      Thanks for keeping the faith.

      I love you, too.

      Thanks for reading and leaving a comment.


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