Don’t Lose Heart

Dear Ella,

Since I heard of your expulsion from the University following a leaked sex tape, I was zapped by an unimaginable wave of pain.

The tremor in my soul is unbearable. In view of this, I write to you having considered the psychological trauma this incident has put you through.

In my head, I had begun to wonder where we lost it.

Can you recall a quote greeting us when we stepped into Church several years ago? That beautiful banner read- “The church isn’t a museum for saints but a hospital for sinners.”

How about the numerous altar calls of come as you are; You won’t leave the same way you came?

On one occasion, I heeded the call. On another, you walked in my steps. How come these words were not considered before passing judgment on you?

I hear you’ve taken to hiding. Your digits aren’t connecting. I want to know if you were blackmailed into this sexual mess. Or you let your emotions drive you into this mess.

Guilty or not, I didn’t expect this reaction from the people who label themselves Christians. I expected them to do more than cast you out.


They claim Jesus Christ is their Lord and Personal Saviour.

But this same Jesus when He was in the flesh was merciful with folks with character flaws.

Once, a Pharisee invited Him for lunch. He accepted the invitation and reclined at a table. A woman whom everyone knew was a sinner stepped into the house with an alabaster jar of fragrant oil, stood behind Jesus with burning tears washing her cheeks.

When she could hold it in no longer, she hunkered down, held Jesus’ feet in her trembling hands, washed them with her tears, and dried them with her hair before anointing His feet with fragrant oil.

How about Mary Magdalene?

Jesus Christ cast seven demons out of this woman. Yet she was one of His loyal fans.

She wasn’t the one who recognised Jesus as the Christ, the Son of the Living God. But on the day Jesus resurrected, Mary Magdalene was the first human Jesus showed Himself to.

Ella, I show these examples because you may be tempted to think God is like man.

See, if you were studying in a school where Jesus was the Vice Chancellor and you were caught committing fornication, you wouldn’t have been expelled.

Your records would have been erased by His goodness and the power of sin holding you bound, broken forever.

With Jesus, this private deal wouldn’t be a public disgrace.

But don’t lose heart. Life sometimes doesn’t play fair. But you can count on your Maker to turn this mess into a message. The world has an opinion of you but your Maker has an opinion that supersedes others.

This mess doesn’t define you. Let not depression and negative comments drive you into committing suicide. Just because the world is against you doesn’t meant God is against you. He has dealt with worst circumstances than this; let no one drive you into cutting your life short.

Your enemy has thrown his best shot. He’s after your sanity, your peace of mind, self-esteem and your soul. Will you stand your ground and fight a good fight of faith or cower in shame, guilt and self-pity?

You have no power over the past. But you do over the present and the future. How you handle this situation really matters.

I say to you, don’t lose heart.

This phase will pass. Remind yourself continually about the unfailing love of God.

I’ll write you another letter, next week.

November 24, 2019.