James Dobson’s 10 Quotes For Staying Sane When Your Faith Is Stretched

Can I ask you a question?

Have you ever been low, spiritually?

Just in case you don’t fathom the concept, I’ll explain.

You just can’t seem to lift up holy hands to the heavens (though they look like brass now) and praise God for His goodness and mercy. You can’t sing a syllable in adoration to the One you consider your Maker because your world has grown so dark you can barely feel your face.

Your pillow becomes your Comforter as the Ancient of Days watches in deafening silence life, closing in on you. You can boldly say your faith has stretched to its breaking point.

No one knows you are hurting. No one knows you’ve gone past exhaustion, past depression and past discouragement. No one knows you’re under fire except one-God. He can perform a miracle but He just won’t. And that’s why it hurts deeply. So it eats deep into the core of your traumatized soul.

You live without excitement waiting desperately for the moment you would exit this life and begin another as you can’t bring yourself to end your own life.

Which brings me to ask another question:

Is death the answer to spiritual frustration?

A Heart Wrenching Tale

Ropvil Daciya Delep passed into the great beyond. News of his demise shook Christians especially in Nigeria when his execution video was released. He was kidnapped January 9th, 2020 while returning to school.

– Boko Haram executes Christian Student

I couldn’t bring myself to watch the execution video. Reading the news alone sickened my heart. I grieved over Ropvil’s death after a friend released a video condemning the attack and calling on the Nigerian government to intervene.

During this time, I was reading about the great and mighty acts of God in the book of Exodus.

The next moment, I told God to make happen in our day the stories of His mighty deliverances.

I thought about Ropvil’s parents. How would they handle the news of their son’s execution? What would happen to their precious faith in God and His Son, Jesus Christ?

Wouldn’t a man be justified for being rebellious? Wouldn’t they ask seeming blasphemous questions?


Even when you want to say God is good, life tells you otherwise.

I won’t point accusing fingers at you or lay a charge against you.

Your pain and discouragement may have caused you to consider departing from the Lord.


Because your faith is stretched to a breaking point.

So today I write to say you aren’t alone and share 10 quotes to help you stay sane.

I have read Holding On To Your Faith When God Doesn’t Make Sense from cover to cover at least five times, and each time, I saw the sovereignty of God in the affairs of men.

My faith is strengthened in the knowledge of God being with me when I go through the fire and mighty waters. When it comes to finding hope, it’s one book that has inspired me. And I recommend you grab a copy and add it to your library.

You won’t regret it.

About the quotes, are you ready?

Awesome, let’s begin.

#1. Never assume God’s silence or apparent inactivity is evidence of His disinterest. With God, even when nothing is happening, something is happening (49).

#2. It is extremely important to recognise that God is never actually late. His timetable for action is simply different from ours. And is usually slower (52).

#3. For reasons that are impossible to explain, we human beings are incredibly precious to God (59).

#4. God is never boxed in by human limitations. And He has everything under perfect control (75).

#5. Satan wants you to give up on God, who seems to have lost control of your circumstances. But I urge you not to leave the safety of His protection. The Captain knows what He is doing (83).

#6. We serve this God not because He dances to our tune, but because we trust His pre-eminence in our lives (102).

#7. It’s true that the Lord often does intervene dramatically in the lives of those in difficulty. He will always be the determiner of how He responds. No one has the right to make that decision for Him (107).

#8. Nowhere in the Bible does God speak defensively or seek our approval on His actions. He simply says, “Trust Me” (112).

#9. God will never let you down- but He won’t let you off, either (114).

#10. God is not against us for our sins. He is for us against our sins. That makes all the difference (196).

Final thoughts.

If you are enduring an attack on your faith, I want you to understand God still has you at heart.

His mind is full of you. You are tattooed on the palms of His hands.

Don’t forget He lives in you and you are empowered to keep the faith by His Spirit.

Somehow and someday, He will fix your past and current mess and bring a triumphant message out of it.

Trust me;

You would be surprised at what God will do with your pain. You would be glad you were chosen to receive the shots. You would be glad about every tear you cried when no one could console you.

Your pain and discouragement will not be in vain.

Remember pain serves a purpose. And yours wouldn’t be an exception.

You can stay sane.

I believe in you.

And God does, too.

Go and make Him proud.

8 thoughts on “James Dobson’s 10 Quotes For Staying Sane When Your Faith Is Stretched

  1. Really edifying quotes which I hope to press to memory. But, did I miss something, are the numbers following the quotes the source?
    Thank you sister for this encouraging post! 🌹

    Liked by 1 person

    1. So sorry, Ma’am.

      The numbers attached to each quote indicates the page number where each quote can be found in the book I got them from.

      Thanks for reading and leaving a comment. So glad you stopped by.

      Flower, well received.❤❤❤

      Liked by 1 person

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