BOOK REVIEW: The House Girl Written by Ufuomaee

Lately, I’ve returned to reading fiction. I stopped earlier, because of my enormous workload.

So one of the books I read is Ufuomaee’s The House Girl, which I will review in today’s blog post. It blew my mind away, for good, though.

By the way, happy Friday! (Hugs)

And back to this post’s business…

The House Girl was released in August, 2018.

I guess you’re making sense of the date, already. The House Girl is a year old.


So, I think my review is timely.

The seventeen chapter book is intricately woven with meaty elements of a blockbuster. Such a page turner leaving me glued to my phone from start to finish.

Agreed, I didn’t let tears roll down my cheeks, this time. But my fragile heart suffered. It raced erratically at the turn of events. My emotions were attacked as I tried to identify with the protagonist. At one time, I had to put my phone down to tell the author via an online medium how amazing she is at story telling.

The Review Proper

The plot of the book centres on a teenager, Chinyere, who works as a maid for the Petersons. She is subjected to every imaginable maltreatment by her Madam, Osinachi, who desperately desires a child of her own.

Osinachi displays spilt personalities. That nagging woman the Bible warns men to avoid, and a wife who is willing to offer love, understanding and forgiveness. She got me mad at some point.

Later in the book, Chinyere realises her Oga, Donald burns between his thighs for her. She desires to go to school like her mates. She does the unthinkable, and even more to cover her tracks.

A host of tragedy raids her life as she is gang raped. She is even grinded by the gateman. I got angry at this point.

Real vexing, o.

I pictured what a regular gateman looked like. Dirty face and body. What if he clamped her lower and upper lips for a kiss, with a mouth that hadn’t seen toothpaste and water in the past four weeks? What about down there? Such rod oozing with body odour inside a fifteen year old girl.

Help me imagine.


Mr Donald doesn’t go free. Konji lands him in simmering pepper soup. Finding out about his health condition later in the book made me realise the need for men to speak plainly, instead of in codes. He loses the skeletons in his cupboard, and his marriage to Osinachi is threatened. That’s what he gets for putting God out of his life.

The House Girl ended happily, but not without searing events that imprinted vital lessons on my mind.

Ufuomaee holds the attention of her readers in enchanting words in a plot surrounding family life, Christian fiction, romance, and drama.
I rate it a 5 out of 5 star read!


I was in no way disappointed as events unfolded. In fact, even as tension built up in my heart, I realised again life is neither black nor white.

You can’t read Ufuomaee’s The House Girl and assume you can tell the end.

You’ll be greatly disappointed.

To be candid, I saw a part of me in the fictional character, Osinachi who got me really mad, especially when she came in with Benjamin, her son. Well, she is firm and principled, yet forgiving.

That’s bite sized fact about me.

By the way, let me share some lessons I gleaned from The House Girl.

a. Suffering is the reward for bad choices, not punishment from God.

b. Nothing happens in life, by chance.

c. An unrepentant individual can find his/her back to Christ Jesus.

d. All things will turn out for my good.

e. God’s wisdom and goodness is available even in the midst of a raging storm.

f. God still rules in the affairs of men.

You can read the Book Synopsis below:

Book Synopsis

Chinyere is excited when her aunty Chinwe comes to take her to Abuja to work for a rich family, who have also promised to send her to school. However, six months later, she’s still out of school and it looks like her emotionally unstable and needy Madam, Osinachi, has no plans of changing that. After a weird but special encounter with her Oga, Donald, Chinyere feels bold enough to bring up the issue with him, so she can go to school like her mates.

However, Osinachi’s suspicions about the pair are awakened when Donald insists Osinachi gets a nanny, so that Chinyere will have time for her studies. Osinachi is determined to find out their secret, but not ready for the other secrets that will be exposed, which threaten to destroy everything she has worked so hard to build.


How to Purchase Your Copy of The House Girl

Visit Ufuomaee’s website.

It’s also available via Amazon, Smashwords, Okadabooks, Bambooks, and many major ebook retailers globally.

Hard copies available via Amazon, my store and at Quintessence Gallery, Ikoyi.

What do you think about the book? I await your comments.

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