SMEARED: He Met Her (Episode 1)

ANIEBIET DREADED LADIES even though testosterone was a huge part of his hormonal composition. He wasn’t ready for commitment with any daughter of Eve. His mother and sisters, Eme and Ubong occupied the depths of his heart. He considered them gifts, graciously given by God to show him the path of life, cherishing them for their detailed care and words.

Before moving in with their spouses some years ago, they successfully coached him in the art of respecting a woman sexually. When Aniebiet got into SS2, Ubong persuaded him to read Derek Jones Gynaecological guide for life- Every Woman. His chuckle revealed his displeasure. “Do I need to read this?”

Ubong studied his face. “Of course! I read it. It’s your turn.”

“What happens when my classmates see such a book in my bag?”

“I don’t know. You just have to read it”.

Defeated, Aniebiet grabbed the book from her hand. When his mother returned from the salon, he talked her into not wanting to read the book. “Mum, I have no intentions being a doctor. That book sucks.”

His mother encouraged him to put his heart in it. “I’ve read it more than five times. I made your sisters review the piece in two pages the first time they read it. You can’t escape this. You need the knowledge at least, for my granddaughters.”

Home flung into joyful jubilation when Eme announced she would become Umoh’s wife. Six years meshed with two break ups strengthened their love story. The last misunderstanding almost pulled them apart. Eme didn’t want a comeback. Her mind, will and emotions had moved on. But Umoh knew they were meant to be. His mother and sister, Lucy persuaded her to change her mind. “You can’t throw six years away like that because a strange woman showed up and told you to leave her man alone.”

Eme tried to explain why she thought Umoh was cheating on her, but she lost her peace the moment she saw in her mind’s eye Umoh flaunting Gladys as his wife. “If you know you won’t make her your wife, zip up and walk away. Real men gambol on the pitch, not with a woman’s heart,” Eme cautioned on the eve of her wedding as the makeup artist dapped her oval face with a brush.

“I’ve heard you, sister”. Aniebiet left her side and disappeared to meet his mother who was already calling out his name.

Being the last child and only son, he strove to keep a clean record. None of his sisters bore a child out of wedlock. He wouldn’t be the first to create such legacy. He wondered what would become of his life if he was a lady. He thanked God for making him a man else his mother would suggest he move in Eme after she brought forth her first child. His mother always wanted having grandchildren.

Often, he thought about his father, Nsisong who slipped into eternity six years ago after a strenuous battle with prostate cancer on his 69th birthday. It was a tumultuous season for him, his sisters and mother who loved him very much. He was her first. Many days, the pain felt unbearable. Some nights, he awoke to silent sobs and words coming from the master bedroom. His mother missed him. And he missed him, as well.

That Sunday evening, he was discharged from the hospital after a three week bed rest. He’d showed great improvement only to slump onto the floor with a thud, the moment he stood in front of his house. Aniebiet watched his mother and sisters wail over his lifeless body. Money spent on medical bills gone down the drain. The mini party thrown at the hospital had been a waste. And to make matters worse, it would be the last celebration they’ll ever have as a complete family. If tears could raise the dead, a resurrection would have occurred before their tear shot eyes, that day.

Once the bread winner had passed on, things surely took a different turn. Neighbours began to pour in. Crossing his hands around his chest, he hung his head and leaned against a wall. With a heavy heart, he gulped the lump burning in his throat. He would now assume the man of the house. But as soon as he returned from NYSC, he left the family house when he secured a job in Abuja. Time had come to build his intended future. His mother didn’t protest. She had lived her life. He had his to live.

One late evening after a very hectic day at work, he stopped by at the Mall to purchase beverages and some toiletries. Driving out of the walk way, his eyes flew open on a lady by the right side of the road. He reasoned she was in wait of a taxi for he had seen her flag one and another down. Apparently, both were full with commuters. His headlights flooded her with light revealing her ash t-shirt and blue jeans that showed her perfectly curved hips and dark skin. A pair of ash sneakers covered her feet. She shielded her face with the back of her hand.

He was approaching his 32nd birthday and the desire to date didn’t look like impending doom was near. He gestured to her to come over while he pulled to the side. When she reached the car, Mfon bent and looked through the already rolled down window.

“Good evening, Sir. Are you headed my way?” She asked, blinking her eyes twice amidst a shy smile.

He was thrilled by her accent. Her face was beautiful. Her brown eyes made his heart race. The inner light in his car captured her brows were drawn with precision. This woman left an impression on him at first sight. Smiling, he extended his hand, “Good evening Gorgeous. Where are you headed?”

“Armstrong Street!” She gave him her hand for a short time.

“Call it coincidence. I’ll be driving past that street to my residence. If you don’t mind, please come in.” Being a gentleman, he opened the door from within.

Mfon slid in and shut the door before he drove away.


Aniebiet and Mfon met severally after that and a promising relationship began. Despite the busy demands of his banking job, Aniebiet nursed their love. Mfon savoured the attention. She told her friend Betty, Aniebiet said he couldn’t live a day without her. “I’ve become his idol; his only obsession.” Aniebiet looked forward to late Friday evenings when they sat to eat grilled fish garnished with cucumber, cabbage, potato chips with chilled bottles of Maltina to whisk them down, in an eatery. The experience made his heart leap. Every week, being extra special than the previous.

But he started to experience discomfort when Mfon began to make moves into the third month of their love affair. The other day, after the waiter served two plates of rice and goat meat pepper soup, Mfon ordered for two bottles of small stout. Aniebiet frowned.

“Why the face? Most of the natural foods we eat contain alcohol. Honey, a small bottle of stout a day-

“Keeps the doctor away”.

Mfon smiled. “So you know the quote. Then you should know it is good for your stomach and libido.” She winked at him.

Aniebiet spoke with disappointment on his round face. “Drinking two bottles of stout in the open does not speak well of us. You’re a lady, you should know better.” He drew in a slow breath. “Once the waiter returns, I need you to cancel the order.”

“I knew it. You aren’t comfortable with me drinking in the open because you want to protect your ego. I don’t understand how you hang on to Maltina or Fayrouz. Grow up guy and feel the world. You just said stout keeps the doctor away. If you want to stay fit, drink. Once the drinks arrive, I’m taking them. If it doesn’t go well with you, I can take another table or leave in peace.”

The following day, Mfon arrived Aniebiet’s residence with a large food carrier. Though he had told her not to bother, she’d insisted on the treat. “You’ve spent much eating out. Let me save you some cash this weekend.”

Unable to dissuade her, he let her alter his routine. After they had eaten the rice and vegetable sauce embellished with roundabout, pomo and dried fish, they lounged in the sitting room.”

He leaned over and kissed her cheek. “You are so sweet.” He rubbed his stomach.

“And the food?” she lifted her eyes.


Mfon giggled and wrapped her arms around his neck and clamped his lips. He didn’t see it coming. He turned his face away.

“What is it?”


“You can’t tell me that. There must be a reason for your reaction. Or is my mouth smelling?” She covered her mouth with her hand and blew strong air in it.

“No, not that.” He shook his head. “Our relationship is fragile. Let’s cut this kissing part out. It doesn’t glorify God”.

Mfon raised her eyebrows. “Huh?” I didn’t ask for something more. It’s just a harmless kiss.” She rose to her feet.

Wanting to pacify her, Aniebiet pushed to his feet. “I know my Darling.” Before another syllable left his lips, Mfon stormed out.

Every week, there was something to dissuade Mfon from doing. She either nibbled the back of his ear or caressed his back or pressed her breasts hard against his chest when they hugged. On certain occasions, he almost gave in to her tricks when she touched his sweet spot. He was hard, erect and filled with longing. His heart pricked him. Dear Jesus, keep me from falling. I’m burning with passion.

One Saturday, she made for him again, “Tell me you don’t need me.” Looming over him seductively, she spread her legs and arched her back to kiss him. Aniebiet turned her down and gazed at her seductive lips. The glossy lipstick on them traumatized him. He wanted to bury his lips on them but he held himself back. “Let’s not do this today, Hun’’.

Undaunted, she cupped his smooth face in her palms, her breath became unstable. Aniebiet perceived the faint odour of liquor. “I need you, Aniebiet. I really do”. Lifting her head, she made to kiss him but he peeled her hands off his face. He rose and sat few metres away from her. “Let’s wait for the right time!”

“When will the right time come? We’ve been dating for months and I don’t know the taste of your tongue. Your best shot is hugging. She placed one leg over the other. “Are you sure you aren’t impotent?” She grabbed him between his legs. “I can make this thing work.”

Aniebiet jerked and pushed her hand away. When will these temptations end? She had all it took to drive a man crazy in a good way but waiting was better. He knew she was manipulating his feelings. But calling him impotent was a blow. How could he make her understand he loved her beyond the pleasure of sex? He thought to punish her but flung the thought away. Controlling his temper, he touched her shoulder but she shoved his hand away. “Don’t touch me!”

Aniebiet saw anger and disappointment flash in her eyes. She pointed a finger. “Don’t you touch me ever again! How long do I have to wait for you? I’m pretty sure marriage is the last thing on your mind else we would have done it. I need to feel like someone in a relationship. If you are not doing it with me, then you’re doing it with someone else.” She dropped her finger.

The words hit Aniebiet like ice seeping through his nerves. Why did Mfon say such hurtful words? Why did she trade love for selfishness? Would he rather please her and displease God? Disappointed by her verdict, he made to rise, trotted into his bedroom and yanked the door shut.

Episode 2 comes up next Wednesday.

Thanks for reading.

12 thoughts on “SMEARED: He Met Her (Episode 1)

  1. WOW! This is going to be powerful, and an amazing ministry tool! I can already see it! Is it next Wednesday yet? LOL!

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    1. Awwwww. Your comment means a lot.

      I trust God to use this story to do His own kind of wonder.

      Next Wednesday is almost here.

      I’m honoured to read a comment from you.

      God bless you, Sir.

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