To My Near Future Hubby- A Poem

I will grow in love with you
Because you are the one for me
I can do without you
But I would lose a part of me

Your name will leave me speechless
Because I will be so into you
Sometimes I will be breathless
Whenever I reminisce about you

Words will fail to tell how we met
Tales will not be enough to describe how our love will evolve
into something we won’t ever regret
For around God our world will revolve

I will love you always
Because you were bold enough to break the walls
You will set my heart ablaze
in a manner I can’t help but fall

For you O my Prince
My Duke
Future ruler of our Romantic Royal Province
What we will share is no fluke

Our children will serve God
Because you would teach them how to
For the day I found in you a lord
I’m willing to submit to

You will rule our Province with rare humility
Strength and amiable wisdom
Your steps will be ordered by dignity
Please someday we will visit Belgium

It is you I will love this much
Time will never erase the memory of us
Even in old age, I will still be weakened by your touch
Because I will forever consider you a plus

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