You Have to Move On

A couple of days ago, a friend of mine who wrote The Evil called Jungle Justice posted a story on his Facebook wall that made me wonder at the irony of this thing called Love.

I’ll share the tale right away:

I was okay on my own and working just fine until I met this guy in February last year. He asked me out.

After a few weeks, I decided to date him.

Two months later, when I was about to renew my rent, he pleaded with me not to do so.

He suggested that I move in with him since he lives in a two bedroom apartment.

At first, I was reluctant. But I consented because I loved him with all I had.

That was the genesis of us living together as a couple.

The first thing I noticed was that there was a particular lady with whom he made video calls with every night.

When I confronted him about her identity, he said she was his younger sister who lived abroad.

“We grew up together and love each other very much.”

To crown his response, he stated he didn’t want her to know we were living together as that would taint my image and lose my respect in her eyes.

I swallowed his words as absolute truth. I practically gave my life for him.

Then he introduced me to his family members as his girlfriend. But I noticed they were not warm to me.

I barely cared because I didn’t see them often. On the other hand, his friends were different. They were really loving.

Things began to change in June.

First, my boyfriend began to travel every week without prior notice.

I was worried, but I kept my cool until I saw a picture on his acclaimed sister on one of his friend’s Facebook wall.

Bang! They were at the bar.

When he returned, I enquired about the reason why he never mentioned his sister’s arrival from the States.

His response was an apology which I readily accepted.

Things continued in a bizarre manner.

On the 26th of July, he sat me down and began to ask for forgiveness.

I was really confused as to what his offense was.

Only then he let the cat out of the bag.

He was going to be married to his supposed younger sister in the last week of August.

He said he would move out of the house by the end of July since the rent of the house we lived in would expire in September.

End of story.

I can only but imagine the horror the lady in question has gone through.

In fact, out of curiosity, I called my friend to ask if this story is fiction. He bluntly said, “NO!” It actually happened.

Living as a couple involves engaging in practices that married people do. All of it.

And the pain is piercing when she got to realize that the love she believed in did not exist.

Commitment was not at the back of her partner’s mind.

I believe she felt used and abused.

Somewhere in her thoughts, she would think love does not pay.

How many more ladies are going through such traumatic experiences because they moved in with a man who is yet to be called “Husband?”

The number is endless.

But the words of hope to believe in love again are not farfetched.

So I wrote this poem for that broken Lady wounded by Love:

You Have To Move On

A sense of relief filled that fateful day
When the boisterous wind of life blew him your way
You weren’t in search of love
But you recognized his face afar off

You found his love sweeter than wine
At his feet you chose to continually dine
Caressing the dark strands of his hair
Drinking to fill the scent of the midnight’s air

His gentle touch stirred your racing heart
His voice resonated an echo of the masculine art
Daily you fell for his charm
Not minding if he could cause you harm

Today your heart bleeds with hate
You’d just realized the brunt of his major take
On your emotions against your will
Shredded by his treacherous deed

O yeah! You saw it coming
But you acted the dummy
Ignoring the viable traffic lights
While ascending emotional heights

It makes sense if you want to cry
It’s normal if you want to die
Your broken heart hurts
But you will survive the deep cut

Rome was not built in a day
Moving on will not happen in one day
You must pick up the pieces of your broken heart
If you want to enjoy a fresh start

To me you are valuable
Many others will boldly say you are irresistible
It’s a pity he treated you this way
However be assured of God being your stay


You must realize it isn’t everyone who comes into your life that will stay forever. They have their season.

So it is unwise to lose yourself over someone who at any time never recognized your worth.

Don’t even begin to analyze your worth through his actions.

You were not good enough for him, that’s why he chose someone else over you.

His preference determined his decision. You didn’t fit his part.

But I encourage today to have hope.

You will find your feet again. Live, thrive and succeed because God will cause you to find love.

Never feel devalued and powerless. You will rise again.

Never move in with a man whom you aren’t legally married to. The consequences are best read as fiction than experienced.

What words of comfort do you have for the lady in question? You are free to share in the comments.

10 thoughts on “You Have to Move On

  1. OMG.. This is heartbreaking,the pain is not and can’t be easy at all.I feel her pain but guys are just so terrible.. How do one start believing in love again with the everyday happenings on heartbreaks.. Pick up the pieces gurl and move on… He is not worth the tears..

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Life’s circumstances can make one believe Love is not worth it. But I believe we can rewrite the script by being trustworthy and loyal to the one our hearts beat for.

      I pray the lady gets healed .

      Thank you so much for reading and commenting. Blessings🙏

      Liked by 1 person

  2. when we create walls that keep us out… not venturing into love, so we don’t experience the pain of being hurt.

    Love is a risk, but when we find who deserves our’s,… communication is key to growing into #CouplesGoal

    Liked by 2 people

    1. The world is filled with unimaginable stories. I share them so others can learn and strive after making the right choices.

      Life is short. We can’t afford to complicate ours.

      I’m glad you found the article great.☺


      1. This is kind of you.

        Honestly, I do appreciate this.

        Another true-life story hits this space on Saturday (by God’s grace).

        Do have a blessed Wednesday.


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