Keep Pouring

Dear Lord, not again. I meant no harm. This is overwhelming. Where did I get it wrong?

The more these thoughts ravaged my mind, the further I sunk into depression. Unwanted, insensitive, failure and weakling were the few words that became my self-definition. In simple terms, Faith was not good enough.

For more than 24 hours, my feet did not step out the four corners of my house. I laid in bed feeding on the litany of lies that bombarded my mind. Tears interjected at every overwhelming emotion.

I despised myself. The Church was the last place I wanted to go to. I even lost the courage to pray. Finally, I put my books and pen aside. Writing was over. My heart and head lost connection over an incident I had no control over.

But God in His faithfulness took over the night shift. He wooed me until I found myself in Church 6 days after the incident. Amazingly, the Pastor preached a message titled Keep Pouring.

Who do we pour into? Empty human vessels.

Most often than not, we seek vessels that are already filled to pour into. The resultant effect is discouraging. Before our eyes, our pearls are cast to the ground and trampled upon. The natural response would be to hold back, shut down and care less.

If we shut down due to temporary emotional wounds caused by an insignificant percentage of the world’s population, then the nations of the earth of which we are called to serve will suffer unjustly.

I returned to my books and pen.

Below is an excerpt from Pastor Steven Furtick’s sermon on Keep Pouring

“We can’t stop pouring because we were disappointed. That’s exactly what the devil wants us to do. Maybe you poured your love into somebody and they were leaky. Maybe you poured your love into somebody and they ran off with your oil, or they didn’t pour back.

If God is really your Source, you aren’t really pouring into them. They might be the vessel but He is the Multiplier.

Keep pouring if they say ‘thank you’
Keep pouring if they don’t
Keep pouring if they love you back
Keep pouring if they flip you off...”

So far, I have replaced the afore mentioned toxic beliefs with the reality of the eternal truths of God’s word. And I have made a renewed commitment to keep pouring my pearls into empty human vessels until they is nothing left.

Stop hiding in the shadows. Forgive the man in the mirror. Don’t let your oil go stale. Together, we can make the world better than we met it. Keep pouring.

Have a blessed Tuesday.

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