Happy Fathers’ Day

Hi! I didn’t have a plan to publish a blog post today. But after reading a post published by a fellow blogger, I was stirred to pen these thoughts:

Today, the whole world celebrates Fathers’ Day. But how many Fathers are at home? As we inter phase with certain people, we recognise a certain dysfunction inherent in them because Daddy was never at home. To a large extent, a child’s emotional stability depends on his or her father’s example. We are basically products of the kind of Fathers we have or had.

Gomer became a prostitute because of her Father (Dibliam). Before you say one more filthy remark about that Prostitute you know, trace her roots to her Father.

A pretty lady turns down every man who comes her way and the whole neighborhood raises their voices in disdain. Check the records, it could be that she had learnt to be a man because Daddy never cared. It is inappropriate for a man to get married to another man.

You wonder why she rejects your love in spite of how sincere you are. It could be that the first man she knew who said he loved her still signed the divorce papers despite her pleas. How can she trust your love story when Daddy’s words fizzled into thin air?

Shout on the mountain top that she drinks and smokes. It could be Daddy was an abuser. She only became the model of what she saw.

How about sons? When their emotions were screaming Paulina Paulina, they found solace in pornography because Daddy was too busy finding money or hiding in a cave.

There are good Fathers out there and I celebrate them. But I believe better Fathers are rising up. Men who would protect their children Financially, Emotionally, Intellectually and Spiritually.

Single brothers, before you ask the Big Question, deal with your issues especially if you had a Father who was never at home, else history will repeat itself.

Wishing you all a Happy Fathers’ Day celebration.

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